If you have foreign guests or you need modern cars for your Conferences or for displacing your employees you need some cars, you can rent luxury, formal cars.

If you have a special guest who is important to you and you want to serve him or her displacement decently, you can rent a luxury car with or without driver and renting it for an hour, a day or a month. Remember that, if you want a particular car for a specific day, you need you reserve it some days earlier.

The rental services of our company include of rents that are daily, weekly, and monthly for formal transfers, airport transfers, tourist excursions, wedding ceremonies, and it comes with the option of driver in your specified location. This company offers some special services in order to satisfy you that is in the following:

  • Preparing all kinds of requested cars including: Luxury, Formal, Sedan, Sonata, Land cruise, Benz, Toyota Hiace van, Bus, Minibus

  • Doing airport transfer services and welcoming foreign guests in the CIP

  • Supplying car services part of governmental and private companies

  • Renting car daily, weekly, monthly with or without driver

  • Offering dedicated services for Hotels and tour agencies

    Notice that all of the cars have environmental standards, fire extinguisher and first aid kit. It should be noted that the drivers of the company, in addition to the defensive driving license and health card are fluent with foreign languages and are familiar with first-aid skill.