According to the progress of human society and the human need to promote, training and investment in various sectors, they need to hold conferences and scientific, training and finance seminars. So “Pars Tashrifat” seeks to have a small share in this progress.

The main tasks of the company include the following:

  1. Signing contracts related to the rental of conference or exhibition hall, food and breaks serving, providing guests gifts

  2. For guests, do visa services, reserving hotel and transferring from airport to hotel and conference hall and vice versa till they get back to their countries

  3. Planning to make city tour for conference and exhibition guests in Tehran and other great cities of the country

  4. Providing interpreters in different languages

  5. Providing wireless devices for interpreters

  6. Providing tables for different meetings in the conference hall

  7. Designing poster, brochure, invite card, and advertisement of conferences and exhibitions

  8. Designing multimedia CD’s and embedding the info of conferences in it

  9. Designing big conference and exhibition plots for installing on city billboards